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Article Heading Four tips for speaking from a Podium
Dated : 5/28/2010 1:05:00 PM
Article Description : The podium can be an intimidating place. Even seasoned public speakers feel anxious when standing in front of a microphone. Here are four tips for making your next speech from the SCHOOL podium in the morning assembly or in the auditorium hum with confidence: 1. Keep your feet planted and stand up straight. This will convey poise and strength, even if that's not what you're feeling. 2. Don't memorize. Unless the speech is very short, the anxiety of trying to remember your lines will only make your task harder. 3. Find a place for your hands. Put your hands in one place - for example, on the sides of the podium - and then forget about them. You will bring them up naturally to gesture as long as they have a place to return to. 4. Practice, practice, practice. Rehearse as many times as you can, in an environment as close to the real experience as possible."
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