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Article Heading Global Warming
Dated : 11/24/2009 3:25:00 PM
Article Description : The sudden rise in the average temperature results in global warming and this is the main outline demanding attention. The augmentation in temperature is owing to the carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere in combination with other greenhouse gases such as methane, aerosols and nitrous oxide. The earth is habitable when there are normal gases in balance. But, when the same normal gases reach more than the average levels, it is tough to be eliminated and results in global warming. The temperatures start rising in the ocean and the air. Global warming pollution Global temperature increase shifts the ecosystems to the extent that glaciers retreat, plant productivity changes, water supply alters and the fragile ecosystems are destroyed. The effects overall are irreparable. Global warming pollution refers to more than glaciers and polar bears. Scientists estimate the water levels to be declining and the lakes to become warmer. Global warming pollution enhances problems owing to extra warm atmosphere. The carbon dioxide gases absorb the sunlight and avert the heat from entering space and thereby cause the additional warmth in water and air. Ice and snow melting also has gained speed and ultimately compounds to global warming issues. Greenhouse gases Home is found to be mainly responsible to contribute maximum carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and to increase greenhouse gases. Today, everyone depends on energy and reverting to Stone Age cannot be given a thought. Though, it seriously looks like we will be forced to return to Atone Age if the fossil fuels are used exorbitantly. Burning fossil fuels escalate the atmospheric gases. Agriculture and land clearing activities also imbalances the atmospheric gases. Recently, global warming has shown steep increase due to human activities. It is estimated that nearly 82% of energy related carbon dioxide emission is owing to natural gas and petroleum and subsequently the increase is found in greenhouse gases. Clean technologies Clean technologies making less use of energy is highly recommended. Homes should make use of pollution free energies to have a decrease in the exhaustion of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. This will help in decreasing global warming problem to a great extent. Greenhouse effect is only due to global warming resulting by affecting everyone on the earth. Even turning a light or watching TV releases carbon dioxide gases compounding to more global warming problems. You can find a rapid change in the planets. Home, being the major contributor for global warming, it is best to make at least small efforts to decrease the usage of electricity. This will reduce the carbon dioxide gases exhaustion. Clean technologies are the best alternatives to bring effective changes in reducing global warming pollution, protecting ecosystems, wildlife, biodiversity and also in improving the quality of air. Simple alternative steps Simple alternative steps help in improving healthy surrounding. The simple steps include clean car technology. This meant the pollution is less and the car becomes more efficient by offering more mileage. You can use clean fuels, maintain regularly and upgrade the vehicle to be more fuel efficient and also reduce global warming. Simple alternative steps are easily done by transforming the house hold lights to energy saving bulbs. Throwing trash should be stopped and given for recycling. Similarly, walking instead of driving vehicles prevents global warming. This also keeps your body fit. Conversely, planting more trees supports the reduction of global warming.
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